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The Resumption of Production for Stranger Things and Actors’ Reactions: What Millie Bobby Brown’s Comments Stirred


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The Resumption of Production for Stranger Things and Actors’ Reactions

The Resumption of Production for Stranger Things and Actors’ Reactions

The Strike and the Resumption of Stranger Things

The strike in Hollywood had halted the American film industry, including the popular series Stranger Things. However, a compromise has been reached, allowing the production to resume. The show’s fifth and final season, which fans have been eagerly awaiting, is now back on track. The showrunners recently announced the resumption of filming for this Netflix series, which was still in its early stages. Although filming has not yet begun, the fact that work has resumed provides hope for a release between 2024 and 2025. Better late than never!

Negative Reactions Following Millie Bobby Brown’s Comments

Some actors from Stranger Things have shared their thoughts on bidding farewell to the roles that made them famous. For instance, Joe Keery, who plays Steve, expressed his difficulty in saying goodbye to a series that meant so much to him. However, the star of the show, Millie Bobby Brown, had a different perspective when asked about the forthcoming conclusion. This led to a series of negative reactions on social media and even among the show’s crew.

Recently, Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who portrays Eleven in Stranger Things, discussed the end of the beloved series. Surprisingly, she expressed her eagerness for it to come to a close, citing that it hinders her creativity. Essentially, the 19-year-old British actress’s comments were a bit insensitive: “Stranger Things takes a long time to film, preventing me from creating stories that excite me. So I’m ready to say ‘Thank you and goodbye’.”

Swiftly, her remarks sparked negative reactions on social media. Many internet users criticized her for not showing enough appreciation for the series that launched her career. It’s worth noting that she went from earning $20,000 per episode in the first season to $250,000 per episode in the third season. Without Stranger Things, it is argued that she wouldn’t have enjoyed the same level of success, including opportunities like starring in the two Enola Holmes films.

Furthermore, her comments upset some members of the Stranger Things team, who felt she should have shown more respect towards the series that catapulted her career. One anonymous insider commented:

In conclusion, Millie Bobby Brown’s lack of gratitude has not been well-received by many, whether it be online users or individuals involved in the production of Stranger Things. While it’s understandable for her to be eager for new opportunities in her career, many believe she should have emphasized her appreciation for the show that brought her fame.

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