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The Return of Bob Iger to Disney: Questions Surrounding His Leadership and Potential Acquisition by Apple


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The Return of Bob Iger to the Head of Disney Questions

Disney is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, with its movies, theme parks, and various subsidiaries like Marvel and Fox. However, the company is facing challenges amidst the changing landscape of entertainment. To address these challenges, the board of directors has decided to bring back Bob Iger in November 2022. Bob Iger, who previously served as the general manager and president of Disney, will replace Bob Chapek, who held the position for a brief period. This decision has raised concerns among many observers who believed that Bob Iger’s time at the company was over and questioned his ability to lead its growth.

The Intention to Separate from Certain Subsidiaries

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Of particular interest is Bob Iger’s announcement upon his return about the intention to separate from certain subsidiaries, including popular television channels like FX, ABC, National Geographic, and Freeform. This move has led some experts to speculate about a surprising scenario: the potential acquisition of Disney by Apple. It’s rumored that Bob Iger’s strategy is to remain in office as long as possible and then sell the company to Apple. While this theory might seem far-fetched, there have been indications in the past that a merger between the two companies was seriously considered. However, the likelihood of Disney being sold to Apple is currently low, given the size of the acquisition and the challenges posed by regulatory bodies.

A Hypothesis Which, for the Moment, Has a Low Chance of Being Realized

While some analysts argue that Disney should be sold before facing competition from tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft (GAFAM), others consider alternative scenarios more likely. Apple rarely acquires companies as large as Disney, and Bob Iger himself has recently denied any intention to sell Disney to Apple. The situation could instead lead to the removal of the general manager in order to maintain control of the company. Additionally, regulatory bodies have become increasingly stringent, as seen with the ongoing Activision Blizzard King acquisition by Microsoft. The current regulatory environment suggests that a sale of Disney to Apple is unlikely, though not impossible. It’s worth noting that Bob Iger’s contract will end in November 2025, at which point the board of directors will either reappoint him or choose a new leader.

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