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The Rise and Fall of Carrie-Anne Moss: From The Matrix to Planet Red


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This Matrix star hasn’t only been in masterpieces

After successfully reviving Event Horizon, Paul WS Anderson’s film from the beyond, we are now recommending lesser-known science fiction films that didn’t achieve the expected success. Today, we’re focusing on the career of Carrie-Anne Moss, who, after her appearance in The Matrix, decided to join the cast of a $80 million film (which is $17 million more than what she earned for Matrix). This film is none other than Planet Red.

A dream casting and a flop!

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Released in 2000, Planet Red never received the recognition it deserved. In fact, it quickly faded into oblivion, despite boasting an impressive cast. Alongside Carrie-Anne Moss as Commander Kate Bowman, the film also features Val Kilmer (Top Gun: Maverick) as Robby Gallagher, and Tom Sizemore, known for his roles in Twin Peaks, Heat, Natural Killers, and Saving Private Ryan.

Unfortunately, when it was released, Planet Red received overwhelmingly negative reviews from the press and failed to even cover its production costs. In terms of box office performance, the film only grossed $30 million, which is insignificant compared to its expenses.

If you’re curious and want to watch this film, which never received unanimous acclaim, you can currently rent it on YouTube, Canal VOD, or Amazon Prime Video.

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