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The Rise of Correcto: Spanish Language Writing Tool Startup Secures $7 Million in Seed Funding


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The Rise of Correcto: Spanish Language Writing Tool Startup Secures $7 Million in Seed Funding

Madrid-based language writing tool startup, Correcto, has received $7 million in seed funding to expand its services. Led by London-based Octopus Ventures, the funding round also saw contributions from Carya Venture Partners and River Park Ventures.

Founders Inspired by Grammarly for English

The idea for Correcto began in late 2021, when co-founders Abraham López Lee (CEO) and Ignacio Prieto Mayorga (COO) were studying and working abroad. They had used tools like Grammarly to improve their written English but struggled to find similar options for correcting Spanish grammar and syntax. Joined by third co-founder Antonio Triguero Noriega (CTO), they set out to create an auto-editing tool specifically for Spanish speakers.

The Early Version of Correcto

The initial version of Correcto used rules-based natural language processing and a proprietary database of Spanish phrases to provide Grammarly-style auto-editing features. The team launched a Chrome extension to test demand, followed by a freemium web app. To date, Correcto has seen 120,000 downloads and has around 70,000 active users.

Distinguishing Factors Against Generative AI Tools

While generative AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT can generate Spanish text, Correcto argues that the quality falls short of what professional business users expect. Additionally, Correcto offers real-time auto-editing with ongoing feedback, allowing individuals to improve their writing skills. In contrast, relying solely on AI-generated text removes opportunities for human learning.

Focus on Augmented Intelligence

López Lee emphasizes Correcto’s goal of providing “augmented intelligence” rather than artificial intelligence. They aim to empower users to become better writers while preserving their personal writing style. By offering a tool that combines productivity with personalization, Correcto believes it can provide unique value in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Tapping into the Generative AI Trend

In response to the growing demand for generative AI tools, Correcto has integrated OpenAI’s API to offer a quasi-generative-writing feature called “Write for Me.” Users can specify the context, audience, and tone they want for a specific writing project in Spanish.

Focusing on Spanish-Speaking Markets

Correcto sees significant potential in Latin American markets, where many native Spanish speakers lack confidence in writing professionally. The top five countries currently using Correcto are Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and the US. The startup targets professionals working in editorial, communications, and marketing as its initial paid customers.

Achieving Unicorn Status and Future Opportunities

With over 500 million native Spanish speakers, Correcto envisions becoming a unicorn startup catering specifically to the Spanish-language market. While competition exists, Correcto believes there is enough room for multiple successful players. In the future, Correcto could potentially attract acquisition interest from larger AI companies seeking fine-tuned models for non-English languages like Spanish.

The Role of Fine-Tuning in Expanding LLM Capabilities

López Lee acknowledges competition from AI giants but highlights Correcto’s focus on fine-tuning models for specific dialects and nuances in the Spanish language. This expertise, combined with a strong product offering, positions Correcto to deliver valuable solutions rather than directly competing with larger AI players.

The Journey to Seed Funding

Prior to securing $7 million in seed funding, Correcto raised $1 million during its pre-seed stage. The startup also received £20,000 from an entrepreneurship prize awarded by King’s College Cambridge, which provided crucial initial support. With the latest financing, Correcto plans to invest in AI and product development, further enhancing style and tone capabilities for various dialects of Mexican Spanish, Colombian Spanish, and Argentinian Spanish.

With its focus on empowering Spanish speakers to become better writers, Correcto has emerged as a promising player in the language writing tools market. By combining artificial intelligence with human learning, the startup aims to offer unique value to individuals and enterprises alike.

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