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The Risk of Accidental Clash Rises as China Increases Military Activities near Taiwan, Says Defence Minister


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China’s Military Activities Near Taiwan Raise Risk of Accidental Clash, says Defence Minister

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The defence minister of Taiwan has expressed concern over the increased frequency of China’s military activities near Taiwan, stating that it raises the risk of unintentional conflicts.

China’s Recent Activities

In the past two weeks, Taiwan has reported numerous Chinese fighters, drones, bombers, warships, and even the Chinese carrier, the Shandong, operating in close proximity to the island. China, considering Taiwan as its own territory, has been conducting such drills to assert its sovereignty and pressure Taiwan.

Potential for Accidental Incidents

Taiwan’s defence minister, Chiu Kuo-cheng, expressed worry about accidental incidents leading to broader conflicts due to the frequency of Chinese activities. He emphasized the need for attention and caution on both sides as the risks of aircraft, ship, and weapon-related activities increase.

China’s Response and Taiwan’s Strategy

China has not commented on these drills, and the defence ministry has not provided any response. Chiu revealed that the Shandong was operating as the “opposing force” and China’s Eastern Theatre Command forces were the “attacking force” during the drills. Taiwan’s traditional military planning involves using its mountainous east coast as a regrouping area, given that it does not directly face China like the west coast.

China’s Growing Presence

China has been increasingly showcasing its military capabilities off Taiwan’s east coast, demonstrating its ability to operate further away from its own coastline. Taiwan’s defence ministry has noted that China typically performs large-scale exercises from July to September.

Current Situation

Taiwan’s defence ministry reported a decrease in Chinese drills, with only two Chinese aircraft spotted in its air defence zone in the past 24 hours. Taiwan remains calm and committed to not escalating the situation, but it will not tolerate repeated provocations from China, which has not entered Taiwan’s territorial seas or airspace so far.

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