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The Russian Foreign Ministry called Kim Jong-un’s sister’s bold words about the role of the United States in Ukraine


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Moscow, February 1 – The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow is grateful to Pyongyang for its support to Russia and considers the recent statements of the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Kim Yo Jong that the United States is responsible for the conflict in Ukraine as bold and decisive. Speaker Maria Zakharova.
Earlier, the sister of the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Yo Jong, said that it is the United States who are now pumping weapons to Ukraine, they bear responsibility for the Ukrainian conflict, and the DPRK will remain on the side of the people and army of Russia , which protects the “dignity and honor” of the state, its sovereignty and security.
“This is a very realistic assessment of the actions of Washington and its minions to further escalate the Ukrainian conflict. We are really grateful for this consistent and logical support that we heard for our country in the course of a special military operation. This is not just a political thesis or a political slogan – this is a reasoned position, “- Zakharova said briefly, commenting On the words of Kim Yo Jong.

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“By the way, a similar approach is shared by many other countries. Someone speaks out, and someone refrains from publicly expressing solidarity with us only because of the blackmail and pressure exerted on Washington. Therefore, Pyongyang has shown the sovereignty and courage of a firm voice in the international arena “.

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