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The Security Council of Ukraine banned the assets of a company included in the structure "Gazprom"


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Moscow, December 28 – The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) announced that it had blocked the assets of an energy company that is part of the structure of Gazprom, which allegedly illegally imported fuel and lubricants into Ukraine.
“The State Security Department blocked the assets of a Russian energy company that illegally imported its goods into Ukraine. As a result of investigative and operational work in the Chernihiv region, the mechanism of illegal sale of fuels and lubricants produced by the aggressor state was liquidated,” said a Ukrainian company, which is part of the Kremlin financial and industrial group. Sanctioned “Gazprom”, in a message from the SBU on the Telegram channel.
According to the department, the branch sold a lot of Russian motor oils and other vehicle maintenance products wholesale in Ukraine. The total amount of confiscated assets is more than 35 million hryvnia (about 950 thousand dollars).

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During searches in the office and production premises of the company and at their addresses, law enforcement officers found large shipments of goods, accounting documents, computers and mobile phones with evidence of illegal activity.
The Security Service explained that the case falls under Part 4 of Article 111-1 “Cooperation Activity”, Part 4 of Article 110-2 “Financing of actions committed with the aim of changing or overthrowing the constitutional order by force or seizing state power, or changing the borders of a territory or state On the borders of Ukraine.

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