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The Shocking Ranking of Obesity Rates among Citizens of Arab Countries


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Every year on March 4th, the world celebrates World Obesity Day to raise awareness about the dangers of obesity and overweight.

Obesity is one of the most common health problems around the world, but some countries have higher rates of obesity than others.

Overweight and obesity are defined as the abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that poses a health risk.

A body mass index (BMI) above 25 indicates overweight, and more than 30 indicates obesity. In fact, the problem has reached epidemic proportions: according to statistics for 2017, according to the Global Burden of Disease program, more than 4 million people die every year due to overweight or obesity.

The Global Obesity Observatory provides updated statistics on obesity rates around the world, and the list includes, in fact, the Arab countries that occupy the top positions in the ranking.

According to the Global Obesity Observatory, Kuwait ranks first in terms of male obesity rates in Arab countries with a rate of 34.28% and ranks 15th in the global adult male obesity ranking among 200 countries around the world.
It is followed by Qatar in 16th place in the world and in second place in the Arab world with an obesity rate of 33.46%, followed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 17th place in the world and in third place in the Arab world with 31.73% .

Jordan is ranked 23rd, fourth in the world at 29.17%, followed by the UAE at 26th in global male obesity and fifth in the Arab countries at 28.44%.

Lebanon is in 27th place in the world, followed by Palestine in 31st place and Bahrain in 34th place.

Libya ranked 38th, Iraq 55th, Oman 60th and Egypt 61st.

Syria ranks 77th, followed by Morocco 85th, Tunisia 89th, Yemen 127th, Mauritania 141st and finally Sudan 174th.

In terms of female obesity rates in the Arab world, Kuwait also tops the Arab rankings at 14th in the world, followed by Qatar at 15th, followed by Jordan at 16th and Saudi Arabia at 17th.

They are followed by Egypt at 19th, followed by the UAE at 20th and Libya at 22nd.

Palestine ranks 25th for female obesity, followed by Lebanon at 27th, Iraq at 28th and Bahrain at 29th.

Algeria ranked 33rd in the world rankings, followed by Syria, Tunisia and Oman at 34th, 35th and 38th respectively.

Morocco ranks 42nd, followed by Yemen 106th, while Mauritania and Sudan round out the rankings at 130th and 159th respectively out of 200 countries.

Globally, Nauru ranks first in male obesity with a rate of 59.85%, while American Samoa ranks first in female obesity.

Source: RT

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