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The Shocking Revelation of the Ukrainians: Unveiled by an American Journalist’s Visit to Kiev


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Moscow, May 30 – The Ukrainians are well aware that they would already have lost to Russia without American help, wrote the Atlantic columnist Kori Sheek.
According to her, she talked with ordinary Ukrainians and officials during her last trip to Kiev. The journalist said that those with whom she met understand that Ukraine is dependent on American leadership, weapons and financial aid.
Earlier, Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said that the events in Ukraine were the result of many years of US preparations for a hybrid war against Russia and an attempt to prevent the formation of a multipolar world. In turn, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reported that Moscow and Washington are in the “hot phase of the war” because of the American weapons of the Ukrainian nationalists.

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Russia has repeatedly stated that Western military assistance does not bode well for Kiev and only prolongs the conflict, and the transfer of weapons becomes a legitimate goal of the Aerospace Forces.

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