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The Significance of Iraq’s Oil Ministry’s Declaration


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The Iraqi Oil Ministry reiterated the desire of the government and the ministry to expedite the resumption of oil exports through the Turkish port of Ceyhan and to work towards convergence of points of view in the interests of society.

And the ministry said in a statement today, Sunday, that it was “cultivating the flexibility needed to move forward towards the goal of resuming exports in the first place, according to new data following the decision of the International Tribunal.”

Then, other outstanding technical issues between the center and the region were discussed, so that the ministry would realize the importance of revenues from the resumption of oil exports from the region to ensure the federal budget in accordance with the agreed volumes.

The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced all this during bilateral meetings with a delegation from the region, hoping that in the light of the positive atmosphere and bilateral agreements, an agreement would be reached in the near future to resume oil exports.

It concluded: “Should a final agreement be reached under the new oil export arrangements, this will be announced in due course.”

Source: RT

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