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The Significance of Media in International Relations: Insights from Kazan Forum’s Panel Discussion on Development and Prosperity


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A discussion session was held in Kazan as part of the Russia-Islamic World Forum, which discussed the role of the media in giving impetus to development between countries, as well as the importance of the media in confronting the hostile rhetoric of the West.

The session that took place yesterday was called “Russia – Islamic World: Media Cooperation for Sustainable Development and Economic Prosperity”.

This session was organized by the Union of Information Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (ACA) together with the Republican Agency for Press and Mass Communications “Tatmedia”, with whom a memorandum of cooperation was signed. Mir” was a partner of this session.

The program of the event included two global topics: the media as a driving factor for sustainable development and the economy between countries, Russia – the Islamic world through the prism of information partnership: historically and on the way to real steps in the present and future.

The speakers of the session are the heads of the national information agencies of the Russian Federation and the OIC countries, as well as the heads of the largest television and radio broadcasting organizations.

After the welcoming speech, the presentation “Modern cooperation in the information sphere between Russian media companies and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Countries” was presented.

The main purpose of the Union of Information Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

The organizers of the meeting called the main goal of the Union of Information Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (UNA) “building bridges of cooperation” and strengthening partnerships between the Union and the Russian media based on common spiritual and moral values, the importance of which is obvious in an era of radical changes towards a multipolar world order.

Therefore, the Union of Information Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (UNA) focuses its work on promoting information cooperation between Russia and the Islamic world. Director General of the Union of Information Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (UNA) Muhammad Al-Yami said: “We must strengthen mutual understanding among ourselves. This must be done for our economic and cultural prosperity and for the continued operation of a free and responsible media.”

Emphasize the importance of fighting fake news

“Only by joint efforts will we be able to counter fake news, disinformation and radical hostile rhetoric from the West,” said Farit Mukhamychin, Deputy Head of the Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group, Deputy Head of the International Affairs Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation.

After that, the session participants discussed important topics, such as strengthening the role of the media of Islamic countries in the world, the success of specific media companies in the field of cooperation with foreign colleagues, and also presented proposals and projects to enhance this cooperation.

It should be noted the genuine interest of participants who came from abroad to participate in this forum, including figures from the Iraqi News Agency, the Tunisian “TunisAfriquePress”, the Turkish Anadolu Agency and even the Islamic Development Center Trade Expatriates showed interest in the topics and proposals put forward , including representatives of the RT channel network and the Ruptly agency, which is the first Russian news agency for photographic materials.

Director of RT Arabic: We support cooperation with students of higher specialties, because they are our future

In turn, Maya Manna, director of RT Arabic, expressed her full support for closer cooperation with students of higher educational institutions, because they will shape our common future.

As for the Ruptly agency, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, it presented to the audience its success story in creating its start-up projects. Ruptly is a professional global news agency, without which it is difficult to imagine a complete picture of the media space these days, whether in Russia or beyond.

Much of this success has been achieved through the agency’s heavy use of new methods and techniques in its work, with Ruptly staff focusing their work on topics that Western media agencies, both large and traditional, have overlooked, in addition to their tireless efforts. cover more reports on Islamic affairs, in which they see great and promising prospects.

Consequently, it was important to sign a cooperation agreement between Ruptly and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in December 2022, and the next steps to increase cooperation between the two parties are now being decided.

The activity of the International Economic Forum “Russia – the Islamic World” continues in its 14th session in Kazan, and the event is considered a major arena for joint actions between Russia and the countries of the Islamic world. The Kazan Forum is supported by the Council of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan.

The Forum is annually visited by thousands of guests and participants from many regions of Russia and abroad, including representatives of manufacturing and service companies, politicians, officials, diplomatic missions and media representatives.

The agenda of the forum includes periodic business meetings, press conferences and panel discussions on a variety of topics, from politics and business to culture and sports. Thus, the forum supports an open and constructive dialogue between Russia and the member countries of the Organization of Islamic cooperation within the framework of developing comprehensive cooperation that meets the general interests.

Source: RT

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