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The Six Major Errors of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Discussed by British Colonel


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Moscow, April 5 – Throughout the entire conflict, the Ukrainian armed forces made and continue to make mistakes that affect their success, writes Willt, citing retired British colonel and military expert Glen Grant.
According to columnist Christophe Shiels, Grant served in the British Army for 37 years, and since 2010 he has been working in Ukraine as a defense assistant.
According to the colonel, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lack a modern military culture, the principle of which is “the importance of every life.” It is believed that the soldiers are controlled by people who “were civilians a few weeks ago,” and in the ranks of the army the rule “I am the boss, you are a fool” prevails.

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Moreover, Grant added, the military leadership does not have clearly defined areas of responsibility, which often leads to disastrous consequences for the Ukrainian military. And divisions, by reason of inconsistency, often “act at the expense of their neighbor.” There are frequent cases of arrogance on the part of the most qualified units, who consider the Territorial Defense Forces to be “second rate”.
Speaking about the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the colonel compared it to “a chaotic mixture of Soviet practice, the NATO system and improvisation.” He warned that this affects the quality of combat. The expert added that medical supplies are also in critical condition: medical personnel are poorly trained and supplies such as tourniquets or bandages are not available.
In conclusion, Grant noted the high level of bureaucracy in the Ukrainian forces. It takes a long time for orders to reach subordinates, and the decision-making system is too complex to understand.
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