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The Slormancer Patch Notes Update Today on January 30, 2023


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A new update has been released for The Slormancer. You can find all the Game Update details below. The Slormancer is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Hello everyone!

The Luxuriant Update Part II is now avaliable!

We said January, and we delivered, so yay!
The Patch Notes below looks a lot like Slormite Chronicles #20 since it was a preview of what we were working on. Let’s get to it!

New Mission

8 new missions have been added to the game, followed by a glorious boss fight!

In the Luxuriant Gardens, we tried to build a few missions around the maze and the possibilities that it offers without, hopefully, creating tedious missions.

We also introduced a few riddles and small brainteasers throughouth the act.

We are also adding a new Quality of Life -sort of- mechanic: When you complete a mission, you will now be able to move on to the next mission without having to come back to the village everytime.

Once you clear Act IV, you will get your usual Ancestral Stone from Adam Nostrus which leads me to our next part.

New Ancestral Legacy Tier

This new Ancestral Stone will give you access to 32 new Ancestral Skills.

Here are a few examples of the new Skills you will have access to:

[table noborder=1]
[td]Spark Machine: Aura – While this Aura is toggled on, you constantly create Electric Sparks dealing [15% Elemental Damage] to random enemies nearby.[/td]
[td]Wavering Glow: When they disappear, Shield Globes you did not pick up now grant you a shield equal to 25% of their shield value.[/td]
[td]Inextinguishable Light: Active Skill – For the next 6 seconds, your Life cannot be reduced below 1.
[td]Melting Ice: Your Ancestral Strikes reset the Cooldown of your Ancestral Legacy Active Skills.[/td]
[td]More Fire: Burn can now stack up to 7 times.[/td]

Increased Level Cap

And finally, the Level Cap has been increased to 70.


Quick Quality of Life for The Slorm Temple:
Goldus and Materials are now automatically drawn to you when you clear a Room.

Bugs fixed

Slorm Reapers:

  • Pure Reaper of Temple Keeper is no longer addind its % Pure Slorm bonus twice.
  • Reaper of Necromancy : Squires should now properly benefit from your stats.

The Fierce Huntress:

  • Arrow Shot should now be cast properly when using Prime Totems.

The Mischievous Mage:

  • Switching to a Tier 5 Upgrade after casting Orb of the Temporal Master should no longer crash the game.

The Slorm Temple:

  • Pure Slorm Reward is now calculated when the Temple Shrine rises up, not when you pick up Pure Slorm.


  • You should no longer be able to knock Obelisks back inside The Great Forge.
  • You should no longer be stuck on Result Screen with a Tutorial Tooltip being shown.

That’s about it for today.
We didn’t have the time to add everything that we wanted in that update (such as reworking the controller or balancing various things) but we believe these can be done in a later update.

And as always, please report any bug that you may find.
Have fun!

Source: Steam

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