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The Sole and Exceptional Method for Messi’s Former Agent to Rejoin Barcelona


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Josep Minguela, the first agent for Argentine star Lionel Messi, Paris Saint-Germain striker, believes there is one way for the Argentinean player to move to his former team Barcelona.

There are doubts about Messi’s continuation at his current club Paris Saint-Germain as the two sides failed to reach an agreement to extend his contract, which expires next June, amid tempting offers to move to the Saudi league.

Barcelona want to restore Messi’s services following his departure from the Catalan club in 2021 as part of a free transfer deal, but he is facing economic difficulties that could prevent that goal from being achieved.

Minguela, who was Messi’s spokesman when the player first joined Barcelona, ​​told Radio Super Deportivo: “The only way for Messi to return to Barcelona is to return for free. There is no other way given the problem. fair play.”

He added: “He can make history at Barcelona, ​​he can be the first star to leave and then come back for free. It could be a unique situation, I would like Messi to end his career at Barcelona. But it’s an economic question.” very sensitive and the club has to cut its budget by 200 million euros.That’s why I don’t think signing Messi is appropriate.”

He continued: “Firstly, he must come and secondly, he must only receive a token amount of money and not the contract he deserves for several years, because Barcelona cannot pay him.”

And he continued: “Today I don’t see a viable solution. If I was Messi, I would return to Barcelona because he has a good economic situation. He will not suffer in his life. I will choose to return.” and thinking about having fun and the place he likes the most besides the Argentina national team is Barcelona.”

He concluded: “Messi’s return could go down in history. Stars such as Kubala, Cruyff and Maradona have left Barcelona and if he returns it would be an unprecedented event for the club. A high-level player left and returned for free. Messi can make history again in Barcelona.”

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