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The Speed at Which Referees Count Pinfalls in WWE 2K23 Can Be Customized


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There are several hidden features and odd gameplay mechanics in WWE 2K23. Now referees can alter how quickly they count a pinfall attempt during a tense match.

The Speed at Which Referees Count Pinfalls in WWE 2K23 Can Be Customize d_

This WWE 2K23 screenshot shows the Downloadable character Bad Bunny using a maneuver on a rival in the Raw arena.

The referees in WWE 2K23 have an intriguing quirk: they can modify how quickly they count a pinfall throughout a match. WWE 2K23 may already be played by those fortunate enough to acquire the Deluxe or Icon editions before its official release on Friday. Fans already talk about their experiences playing as John Cena in 2K Showcase mode or running their preferred WWE brand in the recently updated MyGM.

Players of WWE 2K23 have already discovered a lot of amusing minor nuances and Easter eggs while entering the virtual squared circle just a few days after the game entered early access. The opportunity to design Logan Paul’s Pokemon card necklace, the availability of Ricochet and Braun Strowman’s tag team finisher and a startling tribute to Sami Zayn’s independent days in WWE 2K23’s MyRise storyline are just a few of the secrets that gamers had to work hard to find.

The Speed at Which Referees Count Pinfalls in WWE 2K23 Can Be Customized_

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A recent secret regarding the eminent referees in charge of presiding over matches in WWE 2K23 was revealed by Reddit user TrashBagofGyros. The referee appears to count pinfalls more slowly following being knocked down or attacked by an active WWE 2K22 wrestler during a match, as seen in a video upload that TrashBagofGyros shared on r/WWEGames. The experiences of other users with this minor but important gameplay quirk have been shared. Some people go so far as to suggest that a referee may occasionally pass out from fatigue during a count to sell their injury.

It seems that the ref now counts slow after being knocked down/attacked
byu/TrashBagofGyros inWWEGames

In what looks to be another instance of developer Visual Concepts modifying the framework stated in the preceding paragraph for WWE 2K23, these gamers have also remarked that referee behavior generally has changed from last year’s WWE 2K22. Indeed, in WWE 2K23’s Universe Mode, gamers can create unique cutscenes for feuds. Fans can compete online against one other’s custom-built teams in last year’s disputed MyFaction Mode.

WWE 2K23’s referees also benefit from these adjustments and modifications, which help the game capture the drama and excitement of a broadcast WWE event. Like in the real WWE, a ref’s count speed can determine whether a pinfall attempt succeeds or fails. These officials frequently need to be more physically prepared to take blows than the wrestlers they are in charge of. As a result, in WWE 2K23, a confused referee can make it harder to get a crucial victory against John Cena.

On March 17, WWE 2K23 will be released on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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