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The Step-by-Step Guide to Installing ChatGPT on Your Apple Watch


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A conversational chatbot developed by OpenAI called ChatGPT is making waves in the technology field. Due to a new application for the Apple Watch called Petey, you can now ask it questions on your watch.

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Suppose you still need to keep up with everything. In that case, ChatGPT is a next-generation language model that can analyze natural language input and provide a response that sounds like a human made it. For the chatbot to answer a variety of inquiries and provide coherent responses to a wide variety of prompts, it is trained on a big corpus of material that has been culled from the internet.

The Petey app lets you interact with OpenAI’s chatbot by asking questions through voice-to-text input or typing them into your Apple Watch. You can do either of these things with the app. In addition to this, the experience is conversational, which means that you can continue to communicate with the chatbot while processing the questions you have already posed to it.

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The Petey watch face complication makes it simple to launch without requiring you to navigate through your apps. Because of this, it is a convenient alternative to inquiring about things with Siri. In nine out of ten cases, it will return web results that will eventually be delivered to your iPhone anyway.

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Petey can answer your question if you are willing to hand over your watch as the only acceptable form of payment. The responses are frequently more spectacular than anything a computer assistant could accomplish. Text Speak even allows you to have the responses read aloud to you, and you may share the results of your interaction through texting, emailing, or posting them on social media.

Petey was formerly known as watchGPT before the developer, Hidde van de Ploeg, changed the name due to trademark concerns. The app can be purchased from the App Store for $4.99. The software necessitates watchOS 9, which should be compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and later versions. There is presently support for 14 different languages, with more to come in the future.

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