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The Super League returns with a redesigned format and new details


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The organizers of the Super League championship project on Thursday presented a new and long-awaited proposal for the participation of up to 80 European teams in the competition that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the European Football Association “UEFA”.

Outlining ten principles for the “splinter” project, Spain’s A22 Sports Management said it had discussed the proposal with nearly 50 European clubs.

It is not clear if any of these clubs publicly supported the proposal.

“Our goal is to present a sustainable sports project for European club competitions as soon as possible, accessible to at least all 27 member countries of the European Union,” A22 Sports Management said.

The proposal details the idea first introduced by A22 executives in 2021 as a more inclusive, multi-level competition involving more countries.

“Participation should be based on annual sporting achievement and there should be no permanent members,” she added.

And 12 clubs from Spain, Italy and England launched the initial Super League project plan in April 2021.

The project then called for a 20-team league and was backed by JPMorgan Chase, who later apologized for their “miscalculation”.

The project collapsed within two days amid backlash from UEFA, fans and MPs in England, who threatened to pass legislation to oppose it.

On the other hand, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus clubs have publicly supported the project.

The success of any separation from UEFA will require the support of smaller league clubs such as the Netherlands, Portugal and Scotland.

“Participating clubs must remain as fully committed to their local leagues as they are today,” A22 said.

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