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The survey showed that Russians are most attracted to remote work


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Moscow, February 2 – Remote work turned out to be the most attractive for job seekers in Russia at the end of 2022, and among the vacancies that received a lot of responses, the search for a representative in Moscow was in the lead, the HeadHunter study showed, which the News Agency recognized.
“If three years ago the largest number of responses came to vacancies for group positions (sales representatives, sales managers, operators, bank consultants, etc.), then by the end of 2022 remote hiring has become the leader. These vacancies were which turned out to be the most popular among applicants.
In the first place was the vacancy of a search support employee, to which 47.7 thousand people from all over Russia responded. It appeared in Moscow, but thanks to the remote format, a future employee can work from anywhere in the world.

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Among the “piece” vacancies placed by one-time employers, there are also leaders with thousands of responses. For example, a vacancy for an actor in Moscow received more than 16,000 responses, and a vacancy for a magician’s apprentice – this is how the company called a real estate sales manager – in the Krasnodar Territory – more than 13,000.
Also among the vacancies with thousands of responses from applicants, one can note the author of educational texts for children – 13,894 answers, the dog snitch – 12,574 answers, the Sapsan train waiter – 9,164 answers.

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