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The Tomorrow War: A Sci-Fi Hit and Amazon Prime’s Biggest Success of 2021


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Tomorrow’s war made yesterday’s success

The greatest successes are not always where you think. While it didn’t make a lot of noise in France when it was released, Amazon Prime Video’s original film ‘The Tomorrow War’ is none other than Jeff Bezos’ platform’s biggest hit of 2021. Directed by Chris McKay (which you may have seen at work in Lego Batman the movie as well as in Renfield the vampire film with Nicolas Cage), this science fiction feature film was released in the midst of a pandemic and therefore could not benefit from a theatrical release despite the desires of the director.

It must be said that The Tomorrow War had some ambitions, thanks in particular to a five-star cast composed among others of Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaid’s Tale: The Scarlet Handmaiden) And JK Simmons (Spiderman). As a reminder, the film started in 2022 and featured an ex-soldier converted into a biology teacher. As he quietly watched the World Cup on TV, a group of armed militiamen descended on the lawn from a time portal to recruit men and women from the past to help them fight against a race of aliens in the future, in 2051. If you haven’t seen it yet and the synopsis or trailer (available in the automatic player above) made you want to, The Tomorrow War is of course still available on Amazon Prime Video.

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A sequel still in the works!

Since the release of the first film, we cannot say that The Tomorrow War has made a lot of noise. However, the latter has broken an audience record on the SVOD platform, and a certain number of fans are waiting for a sequel. If it was formalized quickly after the release of the original feature film, little news has been given since. If you are one of those waiting for him, know that the director gave some clues about his condition in an interview for the magazine when talking about the success of The Tomorrow War:

As you will have understood, the sequel to The Tomorrow War is still in production, even if it does not seem to be well advanced. Of course, it is almost certain that Chris Pratt will always be there. What is less certain, however, is whether this famous sequel will end well on the big screen or not. Even though its director has made it clear on several occasions that he always made The Tomorrow War for the cinema, it’s hard to imagine Amazon dropping the sequel to its biggest hit of 2021. Logically, Chris McKay will have to certainly give in once again to the call of SVOD platforms…

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