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The UAE ranks first among the Arab economies in terms of competitiveness. And the rest of the countries?


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The Arab Monetary Fund revealed that the UAE has maintained its top spot in the Arab Competitiveness Index as a result of its top spot in the Investment Environment and Attractiveness Index.

In the 2022 Arab Competitiveness Report, the Arab Monetary Fund said that Qatar ranked second in the overall Arab Competitiveness Index, with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain ranked third, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

The following is the ranking of Arab countries in the index:

1- UAE 2- Qatar 3- Saudi Arabia 4- Kuwait 5- Sultanate of Oman 6- Bahrain 7- Morocco 8- Jordan 9- Tunisia 10- Egypt 11- Algeria 12- Mauritania 13- Lebanon 14- Libya 15- Iraq 16- Yemen 17 – Sudan.

According to the report, the UAE and Saudi Arabia took first and second positions in the Public Finance Sector Index, and this is due to the UAE getting the leading position in the Financial Freedom Index and the second position in surplus/deficit. to the GDP index, while Saudi Arabia benefited from its leading position in the Financial Freedom Index of Government Revenues to GDP.

The UAE also ranked first at the Arab level in the Monetary and Banking Sector Index, benefiting from its leading position in the GDP Domestic Liquidity Index and in terms of foreign asset growth rates and the ratio of credit extended to the private sector to GDP, with Kuwait second place. As a result of the decline in the non-performing loan index of total loans and moving to the forefront in terms of the ratio of credit provided to the private sector to GDP.

Source: RT

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