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The Unexpected Positions of Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Egypt as World’s Most Loved Teams’ Leaders


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A survey conducted by the Spanish newspaper Marca revealed the ranking of the most beloved teams in the world and witnessed the presence of a group of Arab teams such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia, and many surprises.

Marca decided to take advantage of the international break to get to know the teams her followers like the most by ranking each team from 0 to 10 out of 30 selected teams and calculating the average to determine the winner.

At the time of this writing, about 60,330 thousand people participated in the referendum, and the choice brought many surprises.

❤???????? Ayúdanos an escoger a la selection of football more querida (yudiada) of the world: así está el ánking with Argentina ???????? the future of the top ten

– Mark (@marca) March 27, 2023

Spain still leads the rankings with an average score of 7.33, which is logical given that the majority of the paper’s subscribers are Spanish and will therefore give their country high scores.

The surprise was that in second place was the Croatian national team, which was crowned with the bronze medal of the Qatar 2022 World Cup with an average of 5.95 points, equal to Brazil.

And from fourth to tenth places are Germany (5.60 points), Uruguay (5.41), Italy (5.34), Portugal (5.32), Denmark (5.28), Japan (5.17) and Belgium (5.15).

The biggest surprise was that Argentina, the 2022 World Cup winners, finished in 16th place with an average score of 4.93 points.

While Egypt is in 24th place with an average of 4.41 points and Morocco is in 27th place with an average of 4.26 points, despite everyone’s impressive performance at the World Cup in Qatar . and his fourth place.

Tunisia is in 28th place with an average of 4.25 points, followed by Saudi Arabia, which caused a big surprise at the World Cup in Qatar by beating Argentina with an average of 3.89 points.


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