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The Uralites beat his twin brother to death, and he stood up for his mother


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Ekaterinburg, February 17 – A man defended his mother and beat his twin brother to death in the city of Nevyansk, Sverdlovsk Region, the regional department of the RF Investigative Committee reported on Friday.
“In Nevyansk, a 37-year-old man was charged with a particularly serious crime against his twin brother,” the report says.
According to the administration, on the night of February 12, the person involved in the criminal case arrived at the apartment of the house on Uritsky Street, where his twin brother lived. There, the accused quarreled with one of his relatives and inflicted a head injury on him, who soon died.

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The man was charged under the article for willful infliction of grievous bodily harm, negligently causing death, in addition to SUSK.
As Valery Gorelik, head of the press service of the regional main office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, explains, the deceased was killed by his brother, who lived with his mother and often abused alcohol.
“One day he beat his mother, which soon became known to his brother, who lives in Novouralsk … According to the version under consideration, the reason for this was the desire to punish the twin brother for the beatings inflicted on his mother. Severe beatings on the part of the accused, obviously That he did not calculate his strength during this “educational process”.

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