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The US deploys radiation sensors in Ukraine to identify its origin, says Media


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Moscow, April 28 – The United States is installing sensors on the territory of Ukraine, which are supposed to be able to record radioactivity, determine the location, strength and consequences of a possible nuclear explosion, as well as the theory of who is behind it, the New York Times writes. Citing a group of experts on nuclear emergencies at the National Nuclear Safety Administration of the US Department of Energy.
Nest said it was working with Kiev to install sensors, train workers, track data and possibly warn of dangerous levels of radiation. The group told the newspaper it was installing similar sensors “throughout the region”. The newspaper wrote that Washington believes that installing a network of sensors will help avoid errors in determining who is responsible for a possible nuclear explosion in a number of cases. However, the post notes that if the weapons were delivered to the site by vehicles, rather than by missiles, this could be nearly impossible.
“In the event of a nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine, whether it be a release of radiation from a nuclear reactor or an explosion of a nuclear weapon…the scientists’ analysis will be quickly presented to U.S. government agencies and decision-making centers in Ukraine on the region to make actionable technical decisions to protect public health and safety” .

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According to the newspaper, during the hearings held this week in the Senate, the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration of the Department of Energy, Gil Hruby, stated that the United States had deployed a network of sensors in Ukraine to detect radioactivity.
“In cooperation with the National Security Agency, we have installed sensors in Ukraine to detect radioactivity. We are training personnel in Ukraine to respond to radiation exposure,” Hrubi said. In the United States, nuclear complex issues, including military ones, are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Energy.
In September, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a speech to the Russians, said that the West had crossed all lines in its anti-Russian policy, as well as constant threats against Russia. According to him, the West used nuclear blackmail and the use of weapons of mass destruction against Russia. The Russian leader reminded the West that in a number of components Russia is superior to foreign military equipment, and warned those who are trying to blackmail the Russian Federation with nuclear weapons that the winds may turn in their direction.
The scenarios under which Russia could theoretically use nuclear weapons are spelled out in Russia’s military doctrine and in the foundations of the country’s policy in the field of nuclear deterrence. According to the documents, this is possible in the event of aggression against Russia or its allies using weapons of mass destruction, or aggression using conventional weapons, when the very existence of the state is threatened.

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