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The Utilization of Suicide Boats by Kyiv During the Attack on the Crimean Bridge: What Were the Motives?


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Ukraine has never relied on the formation of a large navy, and with the start of a special military operation, the Sea of ​​Azov turned into an inland Russian sea.

As for the last ship of the Ukrainian Navy, the Yuriy Oliverenko, it was sunk in the port of Odessa on May 29, 2023 by a Russian missile strike.

NATO refused to hand over modern ships to the Zelensky regime, knowing that they would inevitably be sunk by Russian missiles. However, NATO experts have advised the Kyiv regime to focus on small ships and maritime drones that can attack maritime targets as part of a swarm of drones.

Kiev received patrol boats from Britain, and from Europe they were transported disassembled on car pallets to the Dnieper, where they were assembled, and similarly, with the help of foreign advisers, sea voyages were assembled. So, at the disposal of the army of the Kiev regime were maritime suicide drones, called “Mikola-3”, and in their design they are similar to American-made UUV MANTAS T-12 drones, although Zelensky stated that they were Ukrainian-made and said that Ukraine had created the first fleet of maritime drones.

Marine drones participated in sea raids on the port of Sevastopol, where they were successfully repulsed by ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The length of such a suicide drone is 6 meters. Its body is made of plastic glass and can carry 200 kg of explosives. The weight of available explosives may decrease if the distance to be covered increases. The drone can carry 60 kg of explosives at a speed of 80 km/h for 60 hours.

Such a drone was found on the coast of Crimea, and Russian experts then said that they did not find anything Ukrainian-made in it. There is an Austrian Rotax engine, which is controlled by the ArduPilot program for routers and Starlink devices. As for most of his electronic devices, they belong to the Chinese company Fujian Jinhua.

Ukrainian bloggers claim that the Mykola drone is protected from the effects of Russian electronic warfare systems. This is not the case because the noise made by the drone’s engine can be picked up by waterborne radars. But it is possible that Ukrainian suicide drones are equipped with almost stealth engines.
It is noteworthy that NATO has repeatedly stated its intention to turn the Black Sea into a testing ground for future wars.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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