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The Viral Phenomenon of ‘Zepotha’: How a Fictional 80s Horror Film Took TikTok by Storm


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The Viral Phenomenon of “Zepotha”

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The movie “Zepotha” is captivating TikTok users, despite the fact that it is actually a fictional horror film from the 80s. The whole story began as a harmless joke on the social media platform, but it has now become a massive sensation with over 76 million views. This unexpected phenomenon started when Emily Jeffri, an independent artist, decided to engage her community by asking them to create videos dressed as characters from the non-existent film. “Together, we can bring new main characters to life and convince thousands of people that this oddly titled movie truly exists,” she said. The response was overwhelming, with comments flooding in from users who believed they looked eerily similar to characters from “Zepotha.”

Everyone Believes in It

It didn’t take long for the Zepotha story to go viral on TikTok, as users began to generate original content inspired by the fictional film. Some users created filters, others made montages, and there were even fake reaction videos. The momentum continued to build thanks to the enthusiastic comments. For instance, one user expressed how “Zepotha is the movie our fathers let us watch when our mothers weren’t home (I was traumatized, but this is still my favorite).” Many people fell for the hoax, with one person asking, “Wait, I’m so confused, is this Zepotha thing a joke like I saw on TikTok, or is there actually a real movie?” Despite the lack of a defined storyline, recurring characters like Danny, Maxine, Lydia, and Francine have emerged from this collective imagination. Additionally, references to a mysterious “forest scene” have sparked countless imaginative interpretations. However, some critics argue that this viral trend is merely a marketing ploy to promote Jeffri’s music.

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