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The Walking Dead: Destinies Trailer Released – Explore the Walker Apocalypse and Alter the Series’ Storyline


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The Walking Dead: Destinies Trailer

The Walking Dead: Destinies Trailer Revealed

The first trailer for The Walking Dead: Destinies was made public shortly after being discovered to have been shared online earlier this week.

About The Trailer

The description for the trailer states, “Begin your journey as Rick Grimes, waking alone in a hospital surrounded by the dead,” and the trailer features the character Rick Grimes. “Assemble a group of allies and fight your way through the Walker apocalypse over iconic locations from The Walking Dead, such as Atlanta, the Greene family farm, the jail, and Woodbury.

“In moments where your choices will have a decisive impact, the destinies of your cast of characters from the series will be permanently altered. It is up to you to determine whether or not to stay the course of history or carve your route through the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead.”

Game Features

Shatter fate

You can create your path through the events of The Walking Dead on AMC and alter the show’s storyline. Protect the villain and eliminate the hero… and bear the repercussions of your actions.

Slash, bash, and shoot the undead

Kill swarms of walkers using a variety of close combat and long-range weaponry, such as bats, katanas, revolvers, shotguns, and crossbows. The action takes place from a third-person perspective.

Build your dream team

Build your team from over a dozen memorable characters from the hit AMC television series The Walking Dead, including Rick, Shane, Michonne, Carol, and Daryl.

Survive the apocalypse

You must effectively manage the limited resources at your disposal, scavenge for weapons and ammunition, and enhance the survivability of your party as much as possible.

Experience the tension

You must protect your camp, search for and save any survivors, and battle using both stealth and open warfare. Get one more shot at surviving in a “broken state” before the onslaught of zombies overpowers you.


According to many retailers, The Walking Dead: Destinies will be available for purchase on November 14, and its price will be $49.99. This video game will be playable on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One consoles, as well as on personal computers.

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