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The World Bank and Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Implement $26.6 Billion Worth of Projects, Largest Portfolio in Years of Cooperation


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The World Bank and Ukraine Collaborate on $26.6 Billion Worth of Projects

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Moscow, September 8 – The World Bank, along with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, is currently undertaking 20 projects in the country, with a total value of approximately $26.6 billion. Out of this amount, $6.6 billion is in the form of loans, while $20 billion is provided as grants. It is worth noting that this project portfolio is the largest in their entire collaboration history.

Progress and Plans for Joint Projects

The recent discussions between the two parties focused on the status of project preparation and implementation. They also reached an agreement on the work plan for the upcoming period. The Ministry of Finance highlights that the World Bank’s project portfolio for 2022-2023 is the largest in their entire collaboration history.

Emergency Housing Repairs and Aid

On September 2, the Ministry of Reintegration of Ukraine reported that the World Bank has allocated $232 million for emergency housing repairs in the country. Additionally, the World Bank has previously announced financial aid of $1.75 billion to support Ukraine.

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