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The North Korean military industry produces various self-propelled and towed artillery systems.

These systems are often copies of Soviet-made 122-, 130-, and 152-mm guns. Meanwhile, the North Korean army is using a domestically produced Koksan (also known as the M1989) 170mm self-propelled artillery mount. Experts believe that such powerful guns are capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 60,000 meters.

At a military parade in Pyongyang in September 2018, the M2018 self-propelled artillery mount was shown for the first time, the appearance of which resembles foreign-made artillery systems of the same class.

At one time, experts drew attention to its long barrel, which usually distinguishes a howitzer cannon. Experts have said that active rockets fired from this gun can hit targets at a distance of 40,000 meters and possibly more.

This artillery system, produced by the North Korean military industry, has an engine mounted in the front of the vehicle, an armored turret equipped with twin grenade launchers, and a man-portable anti-aircraft gun. As for the military parade that took place in Pyongyang last February, the same cannon was found on it, which is mounted on a six-wheeled platform, which is typical for modern tanks.

Yury Lyamin, chief researcher at the Russian Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, pointed out that this gun, which was discovered 5 years ago, still retains most of its technical characteristics. For example, it is not known what caliber he is. Some experts believe that its caliber is 152 mm, others believe that its caliber is 155 mm.

Many say that we are talking about mass-produced models that have begun to enter service with the Korean army. It is possible that North Korean specialists will develop special missiles for him, including nuclear ones.

Source: Russian newspaper

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