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The world’s newest ship crosses the Suez Canal (photo)


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The head of the Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie, announced that the giant Ever ACME container ship, the world’s newest container ship, has completed its maiden sea voyage.

As part of the southern convoy, the vessel crossed the new navigation course of the canal while en route from Malaysia to the Netherlands.

In accordance with the protocol followed by the Suez Canal Authority for ships crossing the canal for the first time, Lieutenant General Osama Rabieh, head of the authority, delegated Chief Pilot Captain Muhammad Al-Hout and Chief Captain Jalal Shabak. Pilot, board the container ship “EVER ACME” and greet its crew, as well as deliver a souvenir for the captain of the ship.

The ship “EVER ACME”, sailing under the flag of Singapore, is the newest sister of the new generation “A TYPE” ships of the shipping line “EVER GREEN”. It is 61.5 meters wide and has a displacement of 224,000 tons. can carry over 24,000 containers on board.

Lieutenant General Rabier confirmed that the successful and consistent transit of the latest and largest ships in the world fleet proves beyond any doubt the readiness of the Suez Canal and its continued readiness to provide transit services to current and future generations of giant deep draft ships, especially large container ships, since the canal can accommodate 100% of the world’s container ship fleet.

The head of the department noted that the new Suez Canal has succeeded in raising the global classification of the canal and improving the canal’s ability to keep pace with the development of the global shipbuilding industry by increasing its quantitative and absorptive capacity and increasing shipping. The canal safety factor is to be the cornerstone of the navigational development strategy, which is currently culminating in the gigantic southern section of the canal project, which will increase the safety factor of navigation in this important sector by 28%.

The head of the department emphasized that the boom of canal development projects over the past few years would not have been possible without the full support and constant supervision of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, and his directives. maximize the benefits of the Suez Canal and develop its resources.

Lieutenant General Rabier added that the development strategy of the agency is integrated with its ongoing efforts to open direct channels of communication with shipping lines and shipyards, allowing the exchange of research and experience and responding to their inquiries regarding the navigational performance of the Suez Canal and developments in development projects on the canal. to ensure that the specifications of future generations of giant ships are suitable for transit through the canal. The main shipping route for world trade.

For his part, Captain CHENG SHAN REN, the captain of the ship, expressed his satisfaction with the experience of crossing the Suez Canal, which happened for the first time in his professional career, as this is the first crossing of a giant ship that he has the honor to command. He also thanked the Suez Canal Authority for its excellent navigational services to ensure safe transit for ships through the most important sea route linking Europe and Asia.

Source: RT

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