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The Xbox-Exclusive Elder Scrolls 6 Announcement: Phil Spencer Embraces Exclusivity in Gaming


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The Xbox-exclusive Elder Scrolls 6: Phil Spencer’s Announcement

Recently, Phil Spencer made an exciting announcement regarding the Xbox-exclusive game Elder Scrolls 6. This comes as part of Microsoft’s strategy to bring more exclusives to their platform, as demonstrated by the successful launch of Starfield.

Embracing Exclusivity in Gaming

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Todd Howard, one of the developers of Elder Scrolls 6, voiced his support for exclusives a few days ago. He compared the exclusivity of Starfield on Xbox to The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo Switch, emphasizing that there’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach. Phil Spencer addressed a similar question, but specifically focused on The Elder Scrolls 6.

Microsoft’s Case-by-Case Approach

When it comes to releasing games, we consider the best approach on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to make our games available in as many ways as possible, whether on Xbox consoles, PC, or through cloud gaming. We want players to have the freedom to enjoy our games on any device with an internet connection.

We value the millions of gamers who have access to Starfield and other titles from Xbox Game Studios. We strive to provide them with choices on how to play and expand their game libraries.

Although the answer may not directly address the question, it leaves room for interpretation. Moreover, considering that the upcoming Indiana Jones video game will also be an Xbox exclusive, and that Phil Spencer previously hinted at The Elder Scrolls 6’s likely exclusivity, it’s not difficult to connect the dots.

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