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The Yaroslavl governor controlled the incident by shooting the moose


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Yaroslavl, December 26 – The governor of the Yaroslavl region, Mikhail Evreev, called the mass elk hunt that took place in the region, during which 8 animals were illegally killed, a “massacre”, and took control of the investigation of the criminal case.
On the eve of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Yaroslavl region, it was reported that the head of the Tutaevsky district association of hunters and fishermen organized a mass hunt for moose, during which 20 animals were killed, eight of which were illegal. He was charged with a crime and placed under house arrest.
“I have taken the reality of elk poaching and poaching under my personal control and will make sure that all those responsible are held accountable. Those guilty of such crimes will receive the maximum penalty provided by law.” The Yaroslavl region government quoted Ivreev as saying. According to him, the regional prosecutor’s office clarified that the damage from hunting is estimated at 640 thousand rubles.

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The governor added, “The organizer of the massacre was arrested and is now under house arrest, while the rest of the participants are still being searched.”

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