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"This is madness". The US plan to seize Crimea terrified the Americans


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Moscow, January 21 – users Twitter He supported the American businessman Elon Musk, who opposed American assistance to Kiev in attacking Crimea.
“When it comes to Crimea, we must stop. We must actively mediate peace,” Bastian Lehmann wrote in comments to Musk’s words.
Another user added “Ukraine must surrender. If they had given up in the beginning, they wouldn’t have lost so many people.”
Blogger Jan Miles Chung said: “Crimea is not in the interest of the citizens of Ukraine. It is only in the interest of NATO, and young Ukrainians are dying.”

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Commentator One O’Clock Drop concluded, “Ukraine is a bottomless pit of corruption where our politicians go to launder money.”
It all started with the recent publication of The New York Times, according to which the administration of US President Joe Biden began to admit that Ukraine may need additional forces to strike the Crimean territories, which will strengthen the position of the Kyiv authorities. in future negotiations. The White House, the paper notes, until recently refused to supply weapons to Kyiv for strikes against targets on the peninsula, but “that line is now beginning to soften.”
Commenting on this news, Musk expressed the opinion that this escalation is fraught with dangers for Ukraine and the world, even if it is pro-Ukrainian.
Earlier, the Pentagon’s deputy spokesman, Sabrina Singh, said that the United States would support Ukraine, including a possible operation to seize Crimea. The speaker of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, told the News Agency that if the Kyiv authorities try to launch aggression on the peninsula, they should not complain later when they receive a retaliatory blow. Senator Sergey Tsikov also noted that the return of Crimea to Ukraine, including with the use of force, is unrealistic, and individual states are likely to disappear from the political map.

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