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Threads App Update: Reposts Given More Prominence to Enhance User Experience


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Threads App Update Gives More Prominence to Reposts

Threads App Update Gives More Prominence to Reposts

Threads, the social networking app, has released a new update that focuses on enhancing reposts. Although the web version of Threads is yet to be launched, these changes aim to improve user experience.

Reposts Tab on Profile Page

One notable change is the addition of a dedicated “Reposts” tab on users’ profile pages. This enables users to easily browse through all the reposts made by a specific user. To further streamline this feature, last month, Threads also introduced an option on the settings page that allows users to view their own liked posts.

Reposts in the “Following” Feed

A significant improvement introduced in this update is the ability for users to see reposts in their reverse-chronological “Following” feed as well. Previously, reposts from other users were only visible in the algorithmic “For You” feed. Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirmed that this change was implemented based on user feedback. As a result, users can expect to see more posts in their “Following” feed.

Although not as groundbreaking as Twitter’s introduction of the Retweet function in 2009, this update is crucial in boosting engagement on the platform. Since its launch, Threads has been steadily introducing new features aimed at increasing user interaction and satisfaction. Notably, they have enabled users to share a Threads post directly to the Instagram feed or send it through Instagram DMs.

However, with the recent announcement that X (formerly Twitter) has made TweetDeck a subscriber-only feature, many users were hoping for a web version of Threads. Unfortunately, it seems that Threads has not yet released a web version, but they continue to make improvements on their mobile app.

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