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Three new inpatient medical care programs will be launched in Moscow


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Moscow, December 26 – Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova said in an interview with the News Agency that three new inpatient care programs will be launched in Moscow in 2023.
“We are launching three new, previously non-existent in Moscow, programs for the provision of inpatient medical care. The first direction concerns the development of organ-preserving techniques and technological operations. In general, in our city, a high level of laparoscopy is used, first of all , We are talking about this. But we still want to raise this level and reach the maximum that is generally possible in modern conditions, “said Rakova, answering a question about the main tasks of the next year.
According to her, the second program is to increase the volume of high-tech medical care for those diseases that form the basic structure of disability or premature death, and for those types of medical care that significantly improve the quality of life of the population.

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“The third program, intended primarily for doctors, is aimed at testing the latest innovative technologies in medical institutions in Moscow. It cannot be mass-produced. But it creates an opportunity for our doctors to get acquainted with this technology, master this technology and then gradually introduce it into routine practice. We have a high level We are going to open a number of hybrid operating rooms that will allow us to perform the most complex high-tech operations, several at the same time. Before this required multiple hospital admissions, now we will try to do it in one,” Rakova added. .

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