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Top Cow Productions Announces 20th Anniversary Celebration of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead with Variant Covers and Exciting Crossovers


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Top Cow Productions Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead, Top Cow Productions has announced exciting plans to celebrate this milestone.

Variant Covers with The Walking Dead Characters

Top Cow Productions has revealed three variant covers for their current series, featuring characters from The Walking Dead and Top Cow’s own mascots. The covers, titled Destiny Gate, Antarctica, and Haunt You to the End, were created by Giuseppe Cafaro and John Starr, forming a captivating masterpiece that depicts popular characters from Top Cow’s comics fighting zombies alongside The Walking Dead characters Maggie, Michonne, and Negan.

Individuality and Style

Each cover not only contributes to the complete artwork but also reflects the unique style and color choices of its respective series. Artists Starr and Carafo aimed to capture the essence of the three books individually, giving each cover its own distinct feel. Additionally, the covers showcase each series’ main characters with their signature weapons, poses, and even background elements that tie into the storyline.

Cover Details

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  • Destiny Gate #1’s variant cover features Negan and the series protagonist Mitchell Slate fighting walkers together. The cover is characterized by orange and purple tones.
  • Antarctica #4’s variant cover depicts Hannah, the main character, fighting alongside the katana-wielding Michonne, known for her expertise in dispatching zombies.
  • Haunt You to the End #5’s variant cover shows Gersh defending himself against zombies with a combat knife. Behind him, The Walking Dead character Maggie struggles with the ghost of her late husband, Glenn, haunting her.

More Exciting Crossovers

In addition to the three variant covers, The Walking Dead characters will appear on various one-off covers for other Top Cow books. This crossover artwork, created by different Top Cow artists, including Carafo, will be available throughout the year at comic book shops and online platforms. Fans can look forward to seeing their favorite characters team up with The Walking Dead stars.

A Phenomenal Journey

The Walking Dead comic series, created by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, debuted in 2003 and achieved immediate critical acclaim. It quickly gained a massive fanbase, which led to the creation of the popular television show in 2010. Recently, the show concluded its final season and has spawned multiple spinoffs. The Walking Dead has also inspired numerous video games.

The Walking Dead Deluxe Edition

Image Comics has decided to re-release the entire series in a new format called The Walking Dead Deluxe. This edition features fully colored art instead of the usual black and white, accompanied by extra forewords and commentary from the series creators, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. Fans can find this new edition alongside the original issues at comic book stores or on Image Comics’ official website.

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