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Top Spring Fruits for Optimal Health


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Dr. Veronika Gusakova, a Russian nutritionist, said that in the spring you need to eat the fruits of a new crop. Because it contains a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals.

The expert pointed out in an interview with Gazeta.Ru that seasonal fruits go through a natural ripening cycle and bring maximum benefits to the body. However, during long-term storage, it loses most of its biological value. That is, last year’s apples contain less nutrients than current year’s apples.

She says: “Most fruits arrive fresh in the winter and spring from the countries where they were picked. These products are transported under special conditions in order to retain the highest percentage of their nutrients. These fruits are more beneficial for the body in spring.”

And Dr. Anna Kireeva, a specialist in preventive medicine, previously recommended eating citrus fruits, bananas and pineapples in the spring, because they are the main source of vitamins.

Source: Gazete.Ru + Izvestia

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