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Trade Smarter, Play with Light, and Use Your Powers: Tips for Baldur’s Gate III


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Trade smarter

Prioritize barter, exchanges, and transactions to get discounts and higher prices for your items from merchants. Don’t hesitate to donate items to increase the mood gauge of each seller, allowing for more trading opportunities. Remember to revisit merchants when you level up, as they restock their stores.

Play with light

Baldur’s Gate III features different lighting conditions, including shadows. Take advantage of shadows to make it harder for enemies to hit you, but be cautious as the same applies to your opponents. Using a torch or a light-emitting weapon can help you spot enemies. Spells that create a halo of light near enemies can blind them. Shadows are particularly useful for characters like rangers or assassins, providing bonuses for ranged attacks and backstabbing.

Use your powers even out of combat

In Baldur’s Gate III, you have various powers to interact with the environment. Use these powers to unlock doors, grow or shrink your character with potions, and talk to animals and NPCs for quest assistance and story progression.

Cast your potions

Rather than using potions individually, casting them creates an area of effect that benefits all characters within it. For example, a healing potion will affect all characters in the area. Be careful not to throw potions directly at characters, as it will harm them. Aim for the feet instead.

Regularly press ALT and SHIFT

The ALT key allows you to find hidden items on the ground while moving. The SHIFT command helps you see the vision of your enemies and play stealthily. Remember to be discreet in certain zones to avoid detection. Utilize your characters’ skills effectively.

Equip your characters with weapons they don’t know

This technique is useful for non-melee characters like magicians or occultists. Equipping them with unfamiliar weapons allows them to benefit from the weapon’s skill traits. For example, giving a mage a two-handed weapon that unlocks the fireball spell grants them access to that ability. Certain gloves also enable characters to use weapons they don’t originally master. However, this technique doesn’t work with armor, so avoid dressing mages in heavy armor.

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