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Traffic police rescue driver trapped in snow with passenger car


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Rostov-on-Don, March 30 – The district traffic police department said that police officers helped a motorist in the Rostov region, who went off the road and could not get back on it because of the snowfall.
As specified, the accident occurred near the Chapaev farm in the Belokalitvinsky district. The driver of the VAZ-21099 lost control and drove off the road, but he could not return to the road on his own.
“The traffic police inspectors of the traffic police department of the Belokaletvinsky district, police senior lieutenant Valery Kalashnikov and police lieutenant Gur Sahakyan, who were passing by, immediately came to the aid of the motorist and helped return the car to the road,” the department said.

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A drizzling rain, turning into snow, began in the Rostov region on the night of March 30 and continues to this day. Many kilometers of traffic jams formed on the M-4 Don highway, and heavy truck traffic was restricted in several sections.

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