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Tragic Overnight Toll: 23 Killed, Scores Injured in U.S. Tornadoes


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Mississippi emergency officials said 23 people were killed and dozens injured in tornadoes that swept through the state Friday night, destroying buildings and knocking out power, the state emergency management agency said after the tornado left a trail of damage for more than 100 miles. (100 miles).

In a series of tweets, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said four people were missing as search and rescue teams surveyed the devastation for survivors after the storm battered Silver City, in western Mississippi.

“Unfortunately, these numbers are expected to change,” she said, referring to the death toll.

CNN reported that search and rescue teams were also present in Rolling Fork, a town that took the brunt of the hurricane.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Brandi Schwah told CNN. “This was a very cool little town, and now it’s gone.”

At least 24 tornado reports were issued to the National Weather Service overnight by storm chasers and observers.

Pictures of the destruction published by news networks showed entire buildings left in rubble and cars flipped on their sides as people clambered through the rubble in the dark.

“Many in MS Delta need your prayers and God’s protection tonight,” Gov. Tate Reeve said in a tweet.

“We have activated medical support, increasing the number of ambulances and other emergency equipment for those affected. Search and rescue is active.”

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