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Train Sim World 3 Patch Notes 1.38 Update Today on April 05, 2023


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A new update has been released for Like a Train Sim World 3 Update 1.38. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Train Sim World 3 Update 1.38 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

These changes are live on all platforms.

Please view our full change list of patch notes below.


  • Fixed trains glowing or flickering when in dark stations and tunnels when it is raining.

ACSES / ATC Fixes & Improvements

  • Various Improvements and fixes to the ASES and ACSES.
  • Fixed ACSES from showing a negative speed enforcement in non-ACSES territory when active.
  • ACSES now falls back to ATC if both systems are enabled but not in ACSES territory.
  • If ATC is not cut in but ACSES is, ACSES limits to non-active or “error” speed (79mph).
  • Entering ACSES territory no longer triggers a penalty when ACSES is not cut in.
  • Improved handling of alarm resets such as if ATC causes the alarm and then ACSES becomes active system, you couldn’t reset the ATC alarm since your Acknowledgement went to the ACSES system.
  • Many updates to systems with variations between ACSES and ASES.
  • Fixed bad behaviour where certain locations on the Trenton route would cause ACSES to fail.
  • Adjusted required brake pipe pressures for “Suppression” state.

Training Center

  • Improvements to visuals and collisions inside the Training Center building.
  • Added NPCs idling around the Training Center building. Don’t make eye contact, they get nervous!
  • Fixed floating trees, and removed scenery that was placed over roads/roundabouts.
  • Fixed billboards facing the wrong direction, preventing them from being seen.
  • Tunnels should now have correct lighting throughout the day/night cycle.
  • Player can no longer walk through various rocks and pillars.

Easter Event

We’re running an Easter-themed mastery event across our Training Center, starting April 5th, and open all month! More information on this event will be shared tomorrow, with details on how you can take part in a special in-game event and earn Easter-themed decals.

  • Easter mastery event assets added.

New York-Trenton

Introductions / Tutorials / Scenarios

  • Improvements to tutorials for the ALP-46 and ACS-64.
  • The ‘Close Doors’ objective will now require the doors to be closed in the Amfleet Cab Car introduction.
  • Added ‘Press the Brake Cut-In’ objective to the ‘Cab to the Race’ scenario.
  • Ensured locos are correctly set up for ATCS and ACSES introductions.
  • Reduced NPC aggression towards the player by 75%, so passengers will no longer bump the player away from the introduction starting points.



  • A large range of fixes across the route covering improved aspects to increase player speeds, fixing signals showing invalid aspects, and other visual errors.

Route Art

  • Adjusted and tweaked lighting at multiple stations where it needs correcting or appears too dark.
  • Connected OHLE poles at Harrison station and improved placements at Sunnyside yard.
  • Fixed two signals on track 18 at Penn Station that were not attached to the track.
  • Removed helium inside trees and cars to prevent floating scenery and vehicles across the route.
  • Improvements to reduce how often you see the white light at the end of unloaded tunnels.
  • Added whistle boards to East River Tunnel entrances.


  • Player can no longer escape from Edison station. Good luck.
  • Player can no longer walk through benches at Elizabeth station.
  • Added ‘Go Via’s to service timetables in scenario E.
  • NPCs will now correctly disembark from all stations.
  • Improvements made to various formations so doors now correctly open on the correct sides.
  • Signal heads in East River Tunnels now have 6 lamps, with red, yellow, and green lamps on the bottom heads.
  • White centre lamp on spider signal at Newark Penn Station, track 5 will no longer light up.
  • Updates to Rahway station track speed restrictions.
  • Updated Signal head on Track 3 at Lack interlocking to have red, yellow, and green lamps.
  • Fixed issues with the signal after the car wash at Sunnyside Yard.
  • General improvements and fixes made to signals to prevent flashing white aspects
  • Fixed motion blur on wheels on Amfleet vehicles and cab car.
  • Corrected font colour on Amfleet cars.


  • Fixed Passenger Door interlock becoming stuck.
  • Traction lock will now update correctly when operating passenger doors.
  • Train doors should now correctly open and close in unison. All together now!
  • Fixed safety systems being active despite being set to cut-out.
  • Changed cab desk light controls to show “on” and “off” based on state.
  • Improved EP Brake cut-in functionality behaviour.
  • Fixed Alerter Enabled state to take into account reverser being in OFF and cab disabled, prevents cases of alerters going off in disabled cabs.


  • Front PIS will change to display the current destination.
  • Passengers will no longer board the cab through the walls.
  • Updated coupler positions to have inner metal plate touching, and adjusted animations for side barriers.
  • Improved weather materials for rain effects.

Metroliner Cab Car

  • Fixed ‘Lock Both’ button to correctly close both sets of doors.



  • Fixed an issue preventing safety systems from resetting after being tripped.
  • With ACSES Cut-In, if approaching a Stop signal, the ATC Cab Aspect will downgrade to a ‘Stop Signal’ aspect when within range of the signal.
  • Approaching a Stop signal with ACSES Cut-In, the ATC Cab Aspect will downgrade to a ‘Stop Signal’ aspect when within range of the signal.
  • Overspeed and Suppression indicators will now update correctly.
  • Fixed an issue caused by enabling safety systems before activating the cab.

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