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Travis Scott’s Aggro Dr1ft: A Groundbreaking Film with Harmony Korine and Infrared Photography


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Travis Scott Ventures into Film with Aggro Dr1ft

Travis Scott, known for his innovative and boundary-pushing trap sounds in American music, is now turning his attention to the world of film. His approach remains avant-garde, much like his music, as he takes on his first feature film project titled Aggro Dr1ft. Although little is known about the film, it stars Scott and is directed by American auteur Harmony Korine, who questions whether it can even be considered a film. What we do know is that Aggro Dr1ft is shot exclusively using infrared photography, adding to its mystique and ambiguity.

Korine is drawn to Scott as the ideal muse due to his unconventionally unpredictable aesthetic and experimental approach to cinema. The director is known for his provocative work that highlights controversial and taboo issues. This is not the first collaboration between the two artists, as Korine appeared in Scott’s music video ‘Last Time’ and directed a segment in Scott’s music film Circus Maximus. The meaning of Aggro Dr1ft remains unclear, adding to its allure and intrigue.

Aggro Dr1ft Cast

  • Jordi Mollà

  • Travis Scott

Release Date of Aggro Dr1ft

On September 2, 2023, Aggro Dr1ft will receive its first public screening at the 80th Venice International Film Festival. It will then make its North American premiere on September 11, 2023, at the Midnight Madness event held at TIFF. The film will also be showcased at the 61st New York Film Festival. However, further details about the release date and distribution remain uncertain. Despite initial uncertainty due to Scott’s approval, the issues have been resolved, and the production company responsible for the film is still being determined.

Director of Aggro Dr1ft

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Harmony Korine, a versatile artist in the American entertainment industry, serves as the director of Aggro Dr1ft. Korine is known for his unpredictable, loose, and subversive style, exploring taboo topics and incorporating experimental techniques. His previous works, such as Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy, Mister Lonely, Spring Breakers, and The Beach Bum, have garnered critical acclaim.

Trailer for Aggro Dr1ft

While an official trailer or teaser video for Aggro Dr1ft is yet to be released, promotional stills and a 15-second clip showcasing the film’s unique infrared cinematography have been made available. The clip features a man wearing a mask, with his skull visible through the thermal imagery. The still images released depict masked individuals, demonic faces, animated elements, and hellish landscapes with vibrant neon hues, resembling avant-garde art installations.

Plot of Aggro Dr1ft

Aggro Dr1ft is an experimental film that defies a typical plot. Korine has stated that it is unlike anything he has done before, and he questions whether it can even be considered a movie. Early viewers have compared it to violent video games like Grand Theft Auto, with repetition of dialogue and apparitions resembling simulation algorithms. The film is described as a sensory hallucinogenic adventure following a seasoned assassin named BO in Miami’s crime-filled underground. As BO hunts down the city’s demonic crime lord, the film captures nightmarish visions and fever dreams using thermal cameras. The boundaries between hunter and hunted blur in this chaotic world of violence and insanity.

The official synopsis from the Venice International Film Festival reads:

“A seasoned hitman is tirelessly pursuing his next target in the murky area of Miami’s criminal underbelly. The whole thing is shot through a thermal lens, and it follows him as he navigates a warped world where violence and insanity are rampant. As tensions subside, the protagonist embarks on a hallucinogenic adventure that muddles the distinctions between the hunter and the hunted.”

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