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Tron’s Justin Sun announced Huobi’s new listing policy


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Justin Sun recently announced new reforms regarding Huobi’s listing policy.

The announcement was made via Twitter, narrowing the scope of Huobi’s inclusion policy into two reforms that are likely to be implemented soon.

Sun’s new proposals

Tron founder Justin Sun has submitted new proposals to China-based crypto exchange Huobi Global. Sun announced on Twitter that the exchange should take a different approach when considering project listings. In his tweet, Sun made two recommendations.

Partial translation follows below.

Sun’s first proposal in advance includes the exchange’s ability to list projects without compromising neutrality.

This means that all projects must go through the same listing process. According to Justin, Huobi should refrain from making conclusions about the project’s future and make a listing decision based on that information.

“The first principle of the Huobi list is to remain impartial and not make value judgments on projects because we follow the values ​​of modesty. Exchanges are not appropriate and should not make judgments about the future of projects… The second is community first, and it is good to have discussions for the community. Everything is up to the discretion The market. In the end, it respects the user’s decision, and the exchange is, at best, a night watch.”

Justin Sun, Founder of Tron

Justin’s second recommendation is narrowed down to the community. In a tweet, Sun stressed that the exchange should look at the project community before making different judgments about whether or not to list its native tokens on the platform.

Following the communities around crypto projects will somehow give people what they want to promote decentralization in the crypto world even though the platform is a centralized exchange (CEX). Sun’s argument asserts that Huobi is a “night watchman” to only oversee the safety of customer deposits and prevent fraudulent projects from being listed.

Huobi’s Listing Policies

Huobi’s listing policy has sparked a lot of traction in the entire crypto world. The project developers on Twitter accused the exchange of denying real utility projects the opportunity to be listed on the platform.

Some of these projects have been denied listing on the online platform, but behind these projects are a large number of active community members. It is difficult for decentralization to continue to grow, especially when centralization is to blame.

Justin’s argument could lead to a review of the token listing policies that screen utility projects from potential venture investors on the platform. Sun’s announcement comes just weeks after he took control of the stock exchange.

Reliable sources indicate that the famous cryptocurrency enthusiast has taken over the exchange after former CEO Zhu Hua and other top executives stepped down. It remains unclear whether the proposals will go forward. However, Sun’s arguments carry enough weight to be carried because he is the one who makes the decisions in the exchange.

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