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TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children Update Patch Notes – February 6, 2023


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A new update has been released for TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children. You can find all the Game Update details below. TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Hello everyone, this is the Troubleshooter development team.

Thanks to your consideration, we all took a good rest and got back on track. We’re expecting our next update to be live in mid-February due to our holiday break. We’ll do our best to present marvelous content to you to compensate for this delay. We’ll give you more details about the precise date later on.

And before we start, we apologize first that today’s announcement could be a little frustrating to our would-be customers in some countries.

Since our team is a small independent development team, we need a lot of time for developing our sequel. Also, sales of our game “Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children” is our only income that can sustain this development process.

For all your love our game is having a constant influx of new customers. And our new DLC is compensating for our lowering main game sales.

While maintaining our sales like this, we’ve found out that there is a sharp increase in sales in particular countries, which is suspected to be a foreign transaction to buy our product at a lower price. Before the last winter sale, these transactions were under 1% of total sales, but the ratio has risen to 12% in the winter sale and 18% for our last sale.

To prevent customers from buying games from another country, STEAM encourages developers to increase the product price in particular countries to their suggested value.

We don’t want gamers in particular countries to have difficulty buying our game due to the fall of their currency value because of a sudden change in their economic situation. However, we also couldn’t just ignore the increasing rate of purchasing our game from a foreign country of a customer.

We could just give up our income for now and set a new price for our sequel to prevent this kind of situation from occurring if we’re developing the sequel right now. But since we’re concentrating on developing DLC for our current product, we’ve decided to increase the prices of our game in the following countries.

  • Turkish lira (Lirasi)
  • Argentin peso (Peso)
  • Colombian peso (Peso)
  • Indian rupee (Rupee)

3 years ago, we have undergone a similar situation. And we took a similar measure to stop that situation, resulting in positive effects in lowering the rate of purchasing our product in a customer’s foreign country.

This increase in price is only limited to our main game and DLC, “Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children” and “Crimson Crow”. Our other products are not affected.

We’re informing you that this decision does not simply aim to increase the price but to secure the steady income for maintaining the server and development team to present you better gaming experience and eventually, to promote fair trade.

We apologize for unwillingly laying a burden on the gamers who will buy our games in the countries mentioned before.

By making this decision, we’ll keep up our hard work to make our game more valuable and cost-effective.

Thank you.

Source: Steam

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