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Turkey’s New Gas Center Guidelines Adopted by Parliament


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The Turkish Parliament has begun work on the adoption of the necessary amendments to legislation and laws for the functioning of the International Gas Trade Center.

Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez announced this today, Saturday, saying: “The first legislative decisions regarding the gas center have passed through the House of Representatives. Thanks to them, Botas (Turkish oil and gas company) and other companies will be able to work faster and easier in this area. “.

“With the opening of the International Gas Trade Center, prices will also decrease, which is important for Europe. Turkey will become one of the markets that determine the resale price of gas,” the minister added in an interview with the Turkish network. CNN”.

The Turkish minister indicated that his country is exploring options for cooperation with other countries in transporting and selling gas to Europe.

The minister recalled the agreements with Azerbaijan on the establishment of a joint institution specializing in this area.

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