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Turkish Central Bank Reserves Reach $121.5 Billion, Marking 14th Consecutive Week of Growth


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Turkish Central Bank Reserves Continue to Grow

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In the week ending September 15, the Turkish Central Bank reported an increase in their reserves, marking the 14th consecutive week of growth. The total foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank rose by $788 million, reaching $80 billion and $59 million. Additionally, the gold reserves increased by $81 million, reaching $41 billion and $374 million. This growth follows a 4.5% increase in central bank reserves in August compared to July, amounting to $116.6 billion. During the same period, foreign exchange reserves rose by 7.6% to $67.4 billion, while gold reserves increased by 0.9% to $41.8 billion. This data highlights the continuous growth of the Turkish Central Bank reserves.

Source: Anatolia

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