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Turkish company “Picard”: Our Kisilelma will surpass the American F-35


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Selçuk Bayraktar, chairman of the board of directors of the Turkish company Baikar, said that the supersonic fighter Kizielma being developed by the company will surpass the American fifth-generation F-35 fighter in a number of indicators. .

“We are planning to produce an ultrasonic version of the fighter force march,” Bayrakdar told TVnet on Tuesday evening. “Kizilelma will revolutionize aviation, and it can be used in air combat against classic warplanes.”

He continued: “It may be a mistake to compare the mid-flight (Kizilelma) after its first flight with an aircraft used in many countries, but when it is fully ready, it will surpass the F-35 in several ways.”

Bayraktar pointed out that the Kizinelm march, like the F-35, is a fifth-generation fighter, but is remotely controlled, and said, “In the future, this will be a challenge to the fifth generation of classic aircraft.”

In December last year, Bayraktar announced the completion of the march on test platforms, after which it made its first sortie.

Source: “TASS”

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