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Turkish Strategically Designed Armored Vehicles Arrive in Ukraine


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Türkiye is still transferring its armored vehicles to the Ukrainian army. Recently, a train was seen in Romania carrying Cobra-2 armored vehicles manufactured by the Turkish company Otokar to Ukraine.

Two years ago, Turkey first became aware of these mine-protected models of armored vehicles. It shares the same name as its predecessor, the Cobra. However, it began to differ from its design after significant modifications were made to its design.

Old armored vehicles weighing 6 tons, which began production in 1997, were heavily criticized after the fighting revealed many shortcomings in them.

For example, in 2018, Turkish media reported that one of those Turkish-made armored vehicles that were handed over to the army of Burkina Faso was destroyed as a result of the explosion of an innovative explosive device under it, resulting in a large hole. appeared in its bottom, after which the armored vehicle rolled over and caught fire. As a result of the accident, 3 crew members were killed, others were injured.

The Turks now say that the upgraded wheeled Cobra-2 is ready to fight mines and explosive devices, but its weight has increased to 13,600 kg compared to the previous armored vehicle’s 6,000 kg. Its body height was 2300 mm, width – 2500 mm, clearance (distance between the road surface and the bottom of the car) – 400 mm. It is also able to overcome a water barrier with a depth of 1000 mm.

The armored diesel engine produces 360 horsepower. And it was equipped with an automatic transmission for driving at a speed of 110 km/h on a paved road.

The armored vehicle can accommodate 10 people, including the driver and commander of the vehicle. It was equipped with a 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun, which was placed in an armored turret on the roof of the vehicle.

It is noteworthy that Ukraine previously received Turkish-made Kirpi armored vehicles, which were distinguished by poor ability to overcome obstacles.

Source: Russian newspaper

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