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Two fraudulent Twitter accounts logged more than 80.3 ETH last month


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Two scam Twitter accounts posing as CryptoPunk and Azuki whales have stolen more than $136,500 (80.3 ETH) in the last 30 days. The disclosure is the latest in a series of hacks and scams in the crypto world.

Fake gifts and open release projects

ZachXBT, a Twitter crypto miner, revealed that two Twitter accounts, @CyrusPunk9623 and @Stevedoes100x, managed to get hold of over 80.3 ETH in the last month. The two inflate their accounts and gain power by posing as Crypto Punk and Azuki Whales.

During that time, they revealed that they have created more than 13 open-release projects:

The two accounts also hosted fake gifts. Another Twitter account, Sean Bonner, suspects the two may be the same person. He also said he asked for their gifts, and both accounts immediately blocked him. Zach XBT replied that it seems so because the two accounts use similar wallets.

Bob Troia, also co-founder of Awesome Labs LCC mentioned He caught them scamming the mint as the max supply rose from 999 to 1111 in the middle of the mint for BTC Ordinal Apepunk.

Most of the responses to the Zach XBT revelations condemn the two accounts and praise the whistleblower’s work on Twitter to prevent further victims. Others called those who fell for the scam “pathetic” and “lazy,” saying the victims didn’t see the obvious account shouting, “I’ll take your money.”

At the time of writing, the Twitter account @CyrusPunk9623 is still around, all posts are still up and running but they haven’t been active since it was revealed. On the other hand, @Stevedoes100x has been deleted, and a quick search shows that the account does not exist.

NFT scams have become rampant in the NFT industry. In January 2023 alone, Kevin Rose, founder of PROOF Collective, was defrauded of over $1 million in NFTs. He was the victim of a phishing scam, and his Azuki Twitter account was also hacked, with his followers clicking on a link by the hacker, resulting in the loss of $800,000 worth of NFTs.

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