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Two versions of the fighting robot "Marker" It will be tested in the NWO region, Rogozin said


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Moscow, January 24 – Two versions of the promising combat robot “Marker” – reconnaissance and shock – will be tested in the area of ​​\u200b\u200ba special military operation, Dmitry Rogozin, former head of Roskosmos, head of the special squad of military advisers “Tsar Wolves,” said in an interview with the News Agency.

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“We are working on two versions of this machine. The first is a reconnaissance complex, and it works with the so-called drone,” he said <...> The second is a combat version.
According to him, the combat version of this robot can be equipped with anti-tank missile systems, coaxial heavy machine guns and other weapons.
Rogozin explained that the suspended drone is powered by a power cable that goes to the reconnaissance version of the Marker. This drone rises to a height of, say, 150 meters and provides visibility up to 20 kilometers, including with the help of thermal imagers. Working on a cable removes the limitations of the drone’s power supply – it doesn’t need a battery, plus its control system can’t be affected by electronic warfare.
The head of the “Wolves of the Tsar” added that the “Marker” reconnaissance plane will move forward, and it will cover up by raising a suspended drone, which will remain in the air for hours, to conduct reconnaissance of the situation.
Previously, Marker was tested at the Vostochny Cosmodrome as a robot. These complexes can be used as part of security structures as devices that ensure the safety of airports, businesses and other objects of national importance.
The development has Russia’s most advanced self-driving skills with object recognition based on AI technologies. The platform independence is ensured by a modular multispectral vision system, where the data is processed by neural network algorithms.

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