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UEFA Fines Ukrainian Football Association for Racist Behavior of Fans in European Championship Qualifiers


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Moscow, September 20 – Ukrainian Football Association Fined for Racist Behavior of Fans

The Disciplinary Committee of the European Football Association (UEFA) has imposed a fine on the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) for the racist behavior exhibited by fans during qualifying matches for the European Championship, as reported on the UEFA website.

Fines and Restrictions Imposed on the Confederation of African Football

The Confederation of African Football has been ordered to pay a fine of 20,000 euros and the national team will have to play their next match at home with a limited number of fans. According to UEFA regulations, at least 5,000 seats must be left vacant. Additionally, Ukrainians will be prohibited from selling tickets for the national team’s upcoming away match.

Additional Penalties for the Ukrainian Football Federation

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Furthermore, the federation has been fined 5,000 euros for the use of fireworks within the stadium and 8,000 euros for closing public spaces.

Consequences of Matches Against England and Italy

These penalties were imposed after the matches against England (1:1, September 9) and Italy (1:2, September 12).

Upcoming Matches for the Ukrainian National Team

After five matches, Ukraine currently holds the third position in Group C standings. The Ukrainian national team will host North Macedonia on October 14 for their next qualifying match and will play against Malta away on October 17.

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